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Autonomous Vehicles

Self-Driving Cars and the Law of Canada

Much of North American society has been built around automobiles — our cities are designed around them; our economy is propelled by them. Therefore, the impact and benefit of … ; 254 View

Back to the Well

Rethinking the Future of Water

Droughts. Floods. Contamination. Climate change. The perils to the global fresh-water supply have never been so clear or so numerous, as the crisis in Cape Town’s water supply in early 2018 … 378 View

Car Nation

An Illustrated History of Canada's Transformation Behind the Wheel

Canadians fell in love with the car at first glance. They were scared by it too, and by its potential. Canada was quick to become a car nation, as the automobile was enthusiastically adopted by … 96 View

Do Androids Dream of Electric Cars?

Public Transit in the Age of Google, Uber, and Elon Musk

Public transportation is in crisis. Through an assessment of the history of automobility in North America, the “three revolutions” in automotive transportation, as well as the current … 306 View

Dry Run

Preventing the Next Urban Water Crisis

In the Age of Scarcity now upon us, fresh water shortages are an increasingly serious global problem. With water restrictions emerging in many developed countries and water diversions for … 312 View

Fastest in the World

The Saga of Canada's Revolutionary Hydrofoils

Like the builders of the Avro Arrow, the pioneers of hydrofoils are celebrated in this book for their world-class accomplishments. When Alexander Graham Bell was experimenting with flying … 98 View

Montreal and the Bomb

WINNER OF THE HUBERT REEVES 2021 AWARD FOR SCIENCE COMMUNICATORS This one is a story peopled by leading figures of modern nuclear physics, bold chemists, and scientists accused of spying. The one … 208 View

Oak Island and Its Lost Treasure

Third Edition

Uncovering the British military’s role on Nova Scotia’s “Treasure Island” Civil engineers Graham Harris and Les MacPhie have spent over a decade investigating the enigma … 264 View

Samuel Cunard

Nova Scotia's Master of the North Atlantic

An illustrated biography of a Canadian who sparked a world transportation revolution In North America, the name Cunard is synonymous with shipping. This book traces the entrepreneurial rise of … 112 View

Smart Cities in Canada: Digital Dreams, Corporate Designs

Independent experts analyze often-controversial schemes from Nunavut to Montreal to Toronto’s failed Sidewalk Labs waterfront scheme

"Smart cities" use surveillance, big data processing and interactive technologies to reshape urban life. Transit riders can see the bus coming on a map on their phones. Cities can … ; 200 View


Why Technology Won't Save Us or the Environment

Nanotechnology! Genetic engineering! Miracle Drugs! We are promised that new technological developments will magically save us from the dire consequences of the 300-year fossil-fueled binge known … ; 464 View

The New Carbon Architecture

Buiding to Cool the Climate

"Green buildings" that slash energy use and carbon emissions are all the rage, but they aren’t enough. The hidden culprit is embodied carbon — the carbon emitted when … 186 View

This Is Your Captain Speaking

Stories from the Flight Deck

For everyone from frequent fliers to aviation geeks, travel buffs to nervous travellers, Captain Doug Morris tells you everything you want (and need!) to know about flight Captain Doug Morris has … 278 View

We Were Not the Savages, Third Edition

Collison between European and Native American Civilizations

As a person of First Nation ancestry I cannot help but wonder if the failure of Caucasian Americans and Canadians to reveal and teach about the horrors their ancestors carried out against North … 416 View


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Beyond Zero: The Time Value of Carbon

From: The New Carbon Architecture


This chapter highlights the role of buildings and building materials in meeting the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. 9 $0.90 Add