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Canada in the World

Settler Capitalism and the Colonial Imagination

An accessible and empirically rich introduction to Canada’s engagements in the world since confederation, this book charts a unique path by locating Canada’s colonial foundations at … 552 View

Canada is Not Back

How Justin Trudeau is in over his head on foreign policy

The election in October 2015 of the Justin Trudeau government was widely considered to herald a new approach to foreign affairs for Canada. Trudeau had campaigned as a staunch advocate for a … 208 View

Class Dynamics of Agrarian Change

Agrarian Change & Peasant Studies

Agrarian political economy investigates the social relations of production and reproduction, property and power in agrarian formations, and how they change. Using Marx’s theory of … 154 View


Rejecting America and Finding the World

Che Guevara left Argentina at 22. At 21, Belén Fernández left the U.S. and didn’t look back. Alone, far off the beaten path in places like Syria and Tajikistan, she reflects on … 160 View

International And Transnational Criminal Law, 3/e.

International criminal law has focused on the prosecution of truly international crimes — genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and aggression. The emerging field of transnational … ; 874 View

Living with Uncle

Canada-US Relations in an Age of Empire

Invaluable information on key issues for Canadians — energy, water, security and surveillance, military integration, social services Living With Uncle examines the new realities of … ; 280 View

Oil and World Politics

The real story of today's conflict zones: Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Ukraine and more

This book identifies the underlying role played by the oil and gas resource and the oil industry in international affairs, with a focus on recent conflict zones. It discusses military … 280 View


How people around the world are building a world free of war

A world without war: this is the vision that Douglas Roche has pursued for decades. A long-time Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament, Canadian ambassador for disarmament, and later a … 224 View

Russia and the North

Russia holds more Arctic territory than any other state, yet unlike other Arctic states it does not have a unified strategy identifying economic and political aims for the North. Russia’s … 232 View

Sold Down the Yangtze

Canada's lopsided investment deal with China

When legal experts finally saw the terms of the investment deal Canada had signed with China, they could hardly believe what their eyes. The deal was unprecedented — Canada had never given … 368 View

The United Nations in the 21st Century

Grappling with the world's most challenging issues: militarism, the environment, human rights, inequality

After more than seven decades, the United Nations embodies humanity’:s hopes for peace, security, social justice, human rights, equality for women, and a voice for all. At the same time, … 98 View

Chapter 1

Introduction: Convergence of Disciplines

From: International And Transnational Criminal Law, 3/e.


Discussion of the history, sources, and subjects of international and transnational criminal law, plus considerations of enforcement and international cooperation. ; 50 $5.00 Add


From: Canada is Not Back


Briefly explains the premise of the book and introduces the author’s background as a foreign policy advisor to the Trudeau Liberal campaign in 2015, and his transition to advisor to the new … 5 $0.50 Add


Breaking Free From the Bonds of War

From: Peacemakers


Outlines what brought him to write this book explaining about the peacekeeping endeavours that have become more prevalent and his qualifications 7 $0.70 Add


The United Nations and Peace: A fair assessment

From: The United Nations in the 21st Century


- 4 $0.40 Add


The Political Economy of Agrarian Change

From: Class Dynamics of Agrarian Change


- 11 $1.32 Add