Generational Divide

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Degrees of Failure

University Education in Decline

In Degrees of Failure, Randle Nelsen brings together such diverse topics as campus parking, college sports, helicopter parents, edu-business as edu-tainment, and technology in teaching to show … 152 View

Parents and Pedagogy

Helicopters and Expert Advice

From: Degrees of Failure


Twentieth-century child-rearing practices in North America have been heavily manipulated by the state and the private sector toward a domestication that suits institutional life. The tense … 19 $1.90 Add

The Dictionary of Homophobia: G

Publisher's note, Preface to the Original Edition, Editor's Preface To the English-Language Edition, Introduction, The Anti-Anthology, Table of Entries, Contributors

From: The Dictionary of Homophobia


Gay Parenthood. See Parenting; Gayphobia (Guillaume Huyez); Gender. See Gender Differences; Gender Differences (Jean-Manuel de Queiroz); Genetics (Pierre-Olivier de Busscher); Germany (Florence … 42 $1.68 Add

The Toolbox: Going Further

Going Further

From: Mediator's Handbook


Going further Adapting the process Mediating with children & teens, across generations, family conflicts, employee conflicts ; ; 12 $1.20 Add