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Cyberbullying and Privacy

New Forms of Social Aggression

From: Privacy Rights in the Global Digital Economy


Examines cyberbullying and privacy as new forms of social aggression, focusing on the case of Amanda Todd, the issue of privacy and cyberbullying, combatting cyberbullying in legislation, the … ; 20 $2.00 Add

Duped and How

Summary: The Polluted Public Square

From: I'm Right and You're an Idiot


I found the attacks on scientists and the volume of propaganda used to cloud environmental issues puzzling. I found myself becoming angrier about the deception and lack of fair play than I was … 12 $1.20 Add

The Dictionary of Homophobia: S

Publisher's note, Preface to the Original Edition, Editor's Preface To the English-Language Edition, Introduction, The Anti-Anthology, Table of Entries, Contributors

From: The Dictionary of Homophobia


Sappho (Sandra Boehringer and Anne-Claire; Rebreyend); Scandal (Pierre Albertini); School (Pierre Albertini); Self-Hatred. See Shame; Sexual Perversions. See Perversions; Shame (Sébastien … 80 $6.40 Add