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Blood of Extraction

Canadian Imperialism in Latin America

Rooted in thousands of pages of Access to Information documents and dozens of interviews carried out throughout Latin America, Blood of Extraction examines the increasing presence of Canadian … ; 400 View

Border and Rule

Migration, Capitalism, and the Rise of Racist Nationalism

In Border and Rule, one of North America’s foremost thinkers and immigrant rights organizers delivers an unflinching examination of migration as a pillar of global governance and gendered … 320 View

China Unbound

A New World Disorder

While the United States stumbles, an award-winning foreign correspondent chronicles China’s dramatic moves to become a dominant power. As the world’s second-largest economy, China is … 385 View

Essential Work Disposable Workers

Migration, Capitalism, and Class

Across the world we are witnessing daily the lethal effects of a rapid and scary hardening of borders, ignited and justified by manufactured fear and scarcity. In such conditions, highly … 230 View

Global Slump

The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance

Global Slump analyzes the global financial meltdown as the first systemic crisis of the neoliberal stage of capitalism. It argues that – far from having ended – the crisis has ushered … 242 View

How Societies Work

Class, Power, and Change

In 2011, protesters around the world – including Canada – called for changes to the societies in which they live. Many observers were asking: “What do they want?” Some … 367 View

North America’s Arctic Borders

A World of Change

Although part of a broader circumpolar world, North America’s Arctic and sub-Arctic borders—and the establishment of new boundaries in the wake of significant, and regionally unique, … ; 194 View

Paradigm Shift, Second Edition

Globalization and the Canadian State

Canada has always been a global nation, integrated with the international economy and having close relations with succeeding hegemonic powers. Recently, globalization was accompanied by an … 251 View

Revolution at Point Zero

Housework, Reproduction, and Feminist Struggle

Written between 1974 and 2012, Revolution at Point Zero collects forty years of research and theorizing on the nature of housework, social reproduction, and women’s struggles on this … 265 View

The Socialist Register 2022

New Polarizations, Old Contradictions: The Crisis of Centrism

The 58th annual volume of the Socialist Register takes up the challenge of exploring how the new polarizations relate to the contradictions that underlie them and how far ‘centrist’ … ; ; 352 View

Twilight Capitalism

Karl Marx and the Decay of the Profit System

Twenty-first-century capitalism has little more to offer than a menu of despair: pandemics, deepening inequality, worsening depression, runaway climate change, intensifying authoritarianism and … ; ; 295 View

Whose Streets?

The Toronto G20 and the Challenges of Summit Protest

In June 2010 activists opposing the G20 meeting held in Toronto were greeted with arbitrary state violence on a scale never before seen in Canada. Whose Streets? is a combination of testimonials … 256 View

From: Whose Streets?


In 2010 G20 leaders met in Toronto to pursue an agenda of bailouts and austerity measures. Unsurprisingly, thousands of people gathered in Toronto for ten days of action to oppose these … ; 15 $1.50 Add

A Note on Terms and Map of China and Surrounding Countries

From: China Unbound


Notes on Terminology and Maps. 3 $0.30 Add

Foreword / Introduction: Essential Yet Disposable

From: Essential Work Disposable Workers


This section includes the foreword and introduction of this book. In the introduction, Mostafa Heneway describes the political landscape that facilitates the exploitation of migrant workers and … 14 $1.40 Add


The Mutating Crisis of Global Capitalism

From: Global Slump

- 15 $1.05 Add