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“Too Asian”?

Racism and Post-Secondary Education

The now notorious Maclean’s article “Too Asian?” from the magazine’s 2010 campus issue has sparked a national furor about race in Canadian higher education. Since the … ; ; ; 224 View

Black Geographies

and the Politics of Place

Black Geographies and the Politics of Place is an interdisciplinary collection of essays in black geographic theory. Fourteen authors address specific geographic sites and develop their … 272 View

Home and Native Land

Unsettling Multiculturalism in Canada

Home and Native Land takes its vastly important topic and places it under a new, penetrating light—shifting focus from the present grounds of debate onto a more critical terrain. The … ; ; ; 256 View

Managing Diversity

Practices of Citizenship

Australia, Canada, and Ireland are all engaged in questions of multiculturalism and in the politics of recognition and reconciliation, the opportunities and pressures of geographic regionalism, … ; 225 View

Multicultural Dynamics and the Ends of History

Exploring Kant, Hegel, and Marx

Multicultural Dynamics and the Ends of History provides a strikingly original reading of key texts in the philosophy of history by Kant, Hegel, and Marx, as well as strong arguments for why these … 185 View

My Mother, My Translator

In 2008, Jaspreet Singh made a pact with his mother. He would gladly give her the go-ahead to publish her significantly altered translation of a story from his … 280 View

Uprooting Racism

How White People Can Work for Racial Justice (4th Edition)

In 2016, the president-elect of the United States openly called for segregation and deportation based on race and religion. Meanwhile, inequalities in education, housing, health care and the job … 451 View

What We Talk About When We Talk About Dumplings

Nearly every culture has a variation on the dumpling: histories, treatises, family legends, and recipes about the world’s favourite lump of carbs. ​​​​If the … ; 234 View

From: Home and Native Land

Examines the policy of multiculturalism within a settler society, and whether the current debates are disruptive or just another form of assimilation. Includes a discussion of the effects of the … ; ; ; 14 $1.40 Add

“No One Knows the Mysteries at the Bottom of the Ocean”

From: Black Geographies

Introduction to the themes of the book. Found in black geographies are a history of brutal segregation and erasure, but also processes that inform a different or new approach to the production of … ; 13 $1.30 Add


From: “Too Asian”?

The introduction looks at how liberal and right-wing journalism in Canada deal with issues of “Race” and multiculturalism, especially on university and college campuses. 14 $1.40 Add


From: Uprooting Racism

Uprooting Racism begins with the understanding that racism exists, it is pervasive and that its effects are devastating. Because of this devastation, we need to start doing everything possible to … 6 $0.60 Add


From: Managing Diversity

Introduction 15 $1.80 Add

Introduction: Where Are We Headed?

From: Multicultural Dynamics and the Ends of History

Introduction 17 $2.21 Add

My Mother, My Translator

From: My Mother, My Translator

Recounts the story of Singh’s mother translating his first collection of short stories into Punjabi. Their trust over the translation of the fourteenth story prompted Singh to push his … 11 $1.10 Add


From: What We Talk About When We Talk About Dumplings

In the Preface editor John Lorinc provides a brief history of dumplings, the spread of dumplings across the globe,and a list of the types of dumplings discussed within the collection. 7 $0.70 Add