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The Tangled Garden

A Canadian Cultural Manifesto for the Digital Age

The emergence of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (the FAANGs) has created an unprecedented challenge to Canada’s news, television and film businesses. In this book Richard … 224 View


From: The Tangled Garden

An introduction to the book’s scope and sequence, laying out why Canada’s major media (television networks, newspapers, film industry are suddenly at risk as a result of the advent of … 11 $1.10 Add

The Garden Invaded

The Harper Years

From: The Tangled Garden

Developments in key Canadian creative industries (eg. television, film, newspapers) during Stephen Harper’s Conservative era (2006 to 2015); how the digital media produced a drastic decline … 37 $3.70 Add

The Sleepy Gardeners

The Trudeau Years

From: The Tangled Garden

Canadian policy regarding media and cultural industries in the Trudeau’s government first term (2015 to 2019). How giant American media corporations – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and … 26 $2.60 Add

Filtering the Female: Television News Coverage of 1993 Canadian Leaders’ Debates

From: Essential Readings in Canadian Government and Politics, 2nd Edition

2000 article by Elisabeth Gidengil and Joanna Everitt assessing gender bias in television coverage of the leaders debates in the 1993 federal election, in which two of the parties were led by women. ; ; 7 $0.70 Add