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Anatomy of an Election

Canada’s 2019 Federal General Election Through the Lens of Political Law

Elections are the high point of democracy. They provide scheduled opportunities for the people at large to have a participatory voice in their own government. They enable adult citizens to judge … 838 View

Civilizing the State

Reclaiming Politics for the Common Good

Across the world, the liberal nation state is on its knees. Rising inequality, deep political polarization, and the pervasive power of corporations are tearing apart the social contract and … 226 View

Cuba and Its Neighbours

Democracy in Motion

In this groundbreaking book, Arnold August explores Cuba’s unique form of democracy, presenting a detailed and balanced analysis of Cuba’s electoral process and the state’s … 285 View

Democratizing the Constitution

Reforming Responsible Government

Canada’s time-honoured system of responsible government is failing us. This principle, by which the executive must be accountable to the people’s elected representatives, was fought … ; ; 274 View

Has Populism Won?

The War on Liberal Democracy

In the shadow of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, two experts show us how and why global populism has taken root and what it will take to turn the tide From Trumpian America to Putin’s … ; 256 View

Honest Politics Now

What ethical conduct means in Canadian Public Life

Using high-profile political scandals as case studies, this book explores the standards of accountability to which Canadian politicians are now being held. This is the definitive up to date book … 392 View

Making Sense of Society

Power and Possibility

Grounded in the sister disciplines of sociology and anthropology, this textbook is an accessible and critical introduction to contemporary social research. Alex Khasnabish eschews the common … 273 View

Myths of Modern History

From the French Revolution to the 20th century world wars and the Cold War - new perspectives on key events

Revisionist historian Jacques R. Pauwels challenges readers to reconsider what they know about some key events in the last 250 years of world history. At a time when it’s all too easy to … 392 View

The 1956 Hungarian Revolution

Hungarian and Canadian Perspectives

In October 1956, a spontaneous uprising took Hungarian Communist authorities by surprise, prompting Soviet authorities to invade the country. After a few days of violent fighting, the revolt was … ; 306 View

Too Dumb for Democracy?

Brexit. Trump. Ford Nation. In this timely book, David Moscrop asks why we make irrational political decisions and whether our stone-age brains can process democracy in the information age. In an … 256 View

Turning the World Right-Side Up

Science, Community and Democracy

The focus of this book is on the un-sustainability of the system that economists, in the name of science, have foisted upon society. Corporations and the economists who act as their apologists, … ; 240 View


From: Anatomy of an Election

Foreword by Peter Mansbridge 3 $0.30 Add


From: The 1956 Hungarian Revolution

Introduction ; ; 9 $1.17 Add


From: Civilizing the State

The introduction outlines the world’s environmental, political, economic, social and public health contexts from which the book arises, and makes a call for transformative change based on … 9 $0.90 Add


From: Too Dumb for Democracy?

The Introduction offers of reflection on how we have found ourselves in a messy world where we must make important decisions. The title of the book asks, “Are we too dumb for … 13 $1.30 Add