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Asleep in the Deep

Nursing Sister Anna Stamers and the First World War

On 27 June 1918, the Llandovery Castle, a Canadian hospital ship returning to England, was sunk by a German U-boat in contravention of international law. Two hundred and thirty-four crew members … 223 View

Bombs and Barbed Wire

Stories of Acadian Airmen and Prisoners of War, 1939-1945

Little has been written about the Acadians who served in Canada’s armed forces during the Second World War. In fact, the prevailing notion suggested that Acadians refused to support the war … 204 View

Churchill and Fisher

The titans at the Admiralty who fought the First World War

A vivid study of the politics and stress of high command, this book describes the decisive roles of young Winston Churchill as political head of the Admiralty during the First World War. … 656 View

Imagined Truths

Myths from a Draft-Dodging Poet

Memory is not only selective, it’s an amazing liar, con artist and spin doctor. History is what we choose to remember about the past in order to justify the present. Richard Lemm grew up in … 272 View

Man at the Airport

How Social Media Saved My Life: One Syrian's Story

Man at the Airport explores what it means to be a Syrian, an “illegal” and a refugee. More broadly, it examines the power of social media to amplify individual voices and facilitate … 232 View

My Road from Damascus

A Memoir

"An extraordinary account of survival in Syria’s most notorious military prisons that is written with “brutal clarity — and yet, there is a poetic quality to the … 440 View

The 1956 Hungarian Revolution

Hungarian and Canadian Perspectives

In October 1956, a spontaneous uprising took Hungarian Communist authorities by surprise, prompting Soviet authorities to invade the country. After a few days of violent fighting, the revolt was … ; 306 View

Three Funerals for my Father

Love, Loss and Escape from Vietnam

What would you risk to save your children? Jolie Hoang grew up as one of ten children, part of a loving, prosperous Vietnamese family. All that changed when the communists took over in 1975; the … 232 View

Wanda’s War

An Untold Story of Nazi Europe, Forced Labour, and a Canadian Immigration Scandal

In 1943, Wanda Gizmunt was ripped from her family home in Poland and deported to a forced labour camp in Nazi Germany. At the end of the war, she became one of millions of displaced Europeans … 256 View

Within the Barbed Wire Fence

A Japanese Man's Account of his Internment in Canada

Takeo Nakano immigrated to Canada from Japan in 1920, later marrying and starting a family in his adopted homeland. Takeo’s passion was poetry, and he cultivated the exquisite form known as … ; 144 View

Chapters 1-5

From: My Road from Damascus

Includes the chapters "Silver Charm and Apple Trees", "Despair Was the Secret of My Courage", "Holy", "From Syria’s Next Great Writer to Dog Food", … 29 $2.90 Add

FOREWORD to New Edition and Preface of original edition

From: Within the Barbed Wire Fence

Discusses that the best way to guard human rights today is to arm ourselves with the knowledge of how easily they were taken in the past. Outlines racial injustice. Also discusses the history of … 12 $1.20 Add


From: The 1956 Hungarian Revolution

Introduction ; ; 9 $1.17 Add


From: Man at the Airport

5 $0.50 Add


From: Asleep in the Deep

The introduction summarizes the events surrounding the German sinking of the Canadian Hospital Ship Llandovery Castle in World War I. Following the war, the actions of the U-boat commander and … 5 $0.50 Add


From: Imagined Truths

5 $0.50 Add