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Freedom To Learn

Creating a Classroom Where Every Child Thrives

Disinterested students and behavioral problems are all too common in schools. Yet results show that behavior charts and other reward-and-punishment systems simply don’t work. Teachers are … ; 220 View

God and Argument – Dieu et l’argumentation philosophique

Given the challenge of anti-realism, anti-foundationalism, and post-modernism, is rational argument concerning religious belief still possible? This collection provides a broad range of … 277 View

Honest Politics Now

What ethical conduct means in Canadian Public Life

Using high-profile political scandals as case studies, this book explores the standards of accountability to which Canadian politicians are now being held. This is the definitive up to date book … 392 View

Intrinsic Hope

Living Courageously In Troubled Times

Climate disruption. Growing social inequality. Pollution. We are living in an era of unprecedented crises, resulting in widespread feelings of fear, despair, and grief. Now, more than ever, … 203 View

Languages of the Unheard

Why Militant Protest is Good for Democracy

“What we must see,” Martin Luther King once insisted, “is that a riot is the language of the unheard.” In this new era of global protest and popular revolt, Languages of … 232 View

National Dreams

Myth, Mystery, and Canadian History

As Canadians, we remember the stories told to us in high-school history class as condensed images of the past—the glorious Mountie, the fearsome Native, the Last Spike. National … 217 View

Not Just a Pretty Face

The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry

Lead in lipstick? 1,4 dioxane in baby soap? Coal tar in shampoo? How is this possible? Simple. The $35 billion cosmetics industry is so powerful that they’ve kept themselves unregulated for … 193 View

Protecting Research Confidentiality

What happens when law and ethics collide

Lawyers and their clients can talk in complete confidence, secure that the law protects what they say from being revealed to anyone. Priests can hear confessions with reasonable certainty that no … ; 432 View

Roman Ingarden’s Ontology and Aesthetics

A leading Polish philosopher of the 20th century, Roman Ingarden is principally renowned in Western culture for his work in aesthetics and the theory of literature. Jeff Mitscherling … 246 View

God as Object of Philosophical Argument

From: God and Argument - Dieu et l'argumentation philosophique


Introduction 14 $1.68 Add


From: Roman Ingarden's Ontology and Aesthetics


The basic claim of this book is twofold: (1) that we are not in a position accurately to interpret and evaluate Ingarden’s studies in aesthetics until we place them within the framework … 8 $0.88 Add


Where On Earth Are We Going

From: Intrinsic Hope


In this book, I propose the idea of “intrinsic hope.” Intrinsic hope is different from conventional hope because it is not based on the expectation that life will give us what we hope … 19 $1.90 Add


From: Protecting Research Confidentiality


Provides an overivew of the topic of Research Confidentiality and the problem that academic researchers are not protected by law when it comes to assuring confidentiality to their participants, … 7 $0.70 Add

Preface to the New Edition

From: Honest Politics Now


Discusses ethics in politics and the effects of various forms of political corruption on democracy. 8 $0.80 Add


From: Not Just a Pretty Face


The cosmetics industry is in desperate need of a makeover. It is the unregulated, poorly studied chemical industry in a bottle. Toxic chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and learning … 4 $0.40 Add


Against School

From: Weapons of Mass Instruction


I taught for thirty years in some of the worst schools in Manhattan, and in some of the best, and during that time, I became an expert in boredom. 11 $1.10 Add