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Accounting for Culture

Thinking Through Cultural Citizenship

Many scholars, practitioners, and policy-makers in the cultural sector argue that Canadian cultural policy is at a crossroads: that the environment for cultural policy-making has evolved … ; ; 286 View

Changing Tides

Gender, Fisheries and Globalization

Fisheries are among the most globalized economic sectors in the world. Relying largely on wild resources and employing millions of people and feeding many millions more, fisheries provide a … ; ; ; 319 View

Consuming Sustainability

Critical Social Analyses of Ecological Change

How do our consumption decisions affect ecosystems? Can we rely on governments to maintain environmental wellbeing? Do rural peoples “see” the environment differently from urban residents? Is … ; 296 View

Fair Future

Resources Conflicts, Security & Global Justice

This is a book that cuts across the outdated divide of North and South to address the twin global questions of our age: social justice and environmental sustainability. It asks how the material … ; 288 View

Human Rights

Social Justice in the Age of the Market

Rampant market economics has led to violations of human rights. Koen de Feyter questions how far the international human rights system provides effective protection against the adverse effects of … 250 View

If You’re In My Way, I’m Walking

The Assault on Working People Since 1970

“If you’re in my way I’m walking.” This arrogant statement by former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien on the occasion of his physical altercation with a protester in … 160 View

Paradigm Shift, Second Edition

Globalization and the Canadian State

Canada has always been a global nation, integrated with the international economy and having close relations with succeeding hegemonic powers. Recently, globalization was accompanied by an … 251 View

Possibilities & Limitations

Multicultural Policies and Programs in Canada

In this work, contributors from a variety of academic disciplines write about the extent to which multicultural policies and programs facilitate cultural freedom and equality of opportunities for … 207 View

Ruling Canada

Corporate Cohesion and Democracy

Ruling Canada critically examines Canada’s “economic elite”–a collection of the country’s richest and most powerful individuals, many of whom preside over … 168 View

Social Inclusion

Canadian Perspectives

How is the concept of social inclusion evolving in policy terms? Are we moving toward a common understanding or definition? What does social inclusion mean for issues like poverty and the growing … ; 264 View

Telling Tales

Living the Effects of Public Policy

This book documents how the political, economic and social policy changes of the last decade of the twentieth century helped and harmed different segments of Canadian society. The chapters are … ; 232 View

The New Geo-Governance

A Baroque Approach

Over the last few decades, the Westphalian nation-state has lost its hegemonic position in the system of geo-governance. A dispersive revolution has led to the emergence of powerful newly … 362 View

Experiencing Social Policy

Focusing on People, Not Policy Arenas

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