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Action Plan: Measuring Happiness

From: The Happiness Policy Handbook


Subjective and Objective Indicators – How to Use Happiness Data in Brief – How Happiness Is Measured Using Surveys – How to Measure Happiness – The Happiness Index



Laura Musikanski

Laura Musikanski is executive director of the Happiness Alliance, co-founder of Planet Happiness, and chair of IEEE P7010 — The Well-being Metrics Standard for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems. She is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Community Well-being and author of two books — Sustainability Decoded and How to Account for Sustainability. Laura was an invited participant at the 2012 UN High Level Meeting on Well-being and Happiness: Defining a New Economic Paradigm where the Ad-Hoc Global Happiness and Well-being Movement Group, which she leads and coordinates, first convened. She lives in Seattle WA.

Rhonda Phillips

Rhonda Phillips is a community well-being, development, and planning specialist and Dean of Purdue Honors College. She has conduced hand-on research with policy makers, community organizers and academia for over 30 years. She is author or editor of 25 books, including the Handbook of Community Well-being Research. She is co-founder of the Springer journal, International Journal of Community Well-Being and past president of the International Society of Quality-of-Life Studies. Her many awards and honors include three Fulbright awards. Rhonda is a Happiness Alliance Board Member and lives in Lafayette, IN.

Jean Crowder

Jean Crowder served as a member of parliament (MP) in the Canadian government between 2004–2015, and has extensive experience as a policymaker. She worked for Human Resources Development Canada, the British Columbia Ministry of Skills Training and Labour, and was a human resources consultant and manager at Malaspina University College. Crowder is a Happiness Alliance board member and lives in Duncan, BC.