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From: Mad Hope


BriannaSusannaAlana: Three sisters go about their day, 3rd person perspective, focusing on one sister in each section named after her. A murder tangentially enters their lives.

My Friend Taisie: First person narrative from the perspective of ‘Thomas’, going through a baby shower and the birth of his friend Taisie’s baby, with her adopted son. Death and absence overshadow the narrative, a makeshift family is taking its first steps together.

Wanted Children: A Torontonian couple struggling to conceive take a trip to the amazon. Guided by their curious and imposing tour-guide Miguel, they find a sinister forest and river, pregnant and heavy with life.

Geraldine and Jerome: A middle aged woman and a teenage boy meet in the waiting room of the radiology department in a hospital and exchange their stories.



Heather Birrell

Heather Birrell is the author of two short story collections: Mad Hope (Coach House Books, 2012) and I know you are but what am I? (Coach House Books, 2004). Her stories have been shortlisted for both the Western and National Magazine Awards and have appeared in numerous Canadian literary journals. A frequent book reviewer and winner of the Journey Prize, she also works as a high school teacher and a creative writing instructor.