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Canadarm and Collaboration

How Canada's Astronauts and Space Robots Explore New Worlds


Canada is a small but mighty power in space exploration. After providing the Canadarm robotic arm for the space shuttle in 1981, Canada received an invitation to start an astronaut program — a program that quickly let its people accumulate skill and prestige. Canadian astronauts have since commanded the International Space Station, flown as co-pilots on spacecraft, and even held senior roles within NASA.

This book traces how Canada grew from small beginnings into a major player in international space policy. You will hear about Canada’s space program from the words of its astronauts, from Canadian celebrity Chris Hadfield to Liberal cabinet minister Marc Garneau to Governor General Julie Payette. You will experience the excitement and challenges of reporting on a rocket launch in Kazakhstan, as Canada sent its latest astronaut to space in preparation for possible moon missions in the 2020s. And you will learn from the people who work behind the scenes on Canadian space technology and space policy about why we are doing this — and what we plan to do next.


Elizabeth Howell

Elizabeth Howell, PhD, is a Canadian journalist focusing on space exploration. Her clients include CBC, SpaceQ, and She has seen rocket launches in the United States and Kazakhstan, lived on a simulated Mars base, and interviewed dozens of astronauts. She is the author of The Science of Time Travel and The Search for Life on Mars. She teaches technical writing at Algonquin College and does consulting work for numerous institutions. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario.

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Foreword 4 $0.40


Prologue 9 $0.90


This chapter explores the history of Canada’s role in space exploration. Topics include Alouette I and II – the first Canadian Satellites, the Canadarm, and the role played by former … 26 $2.60


This chapter provides a biography of Marc Garneau, the first Canadian astronaut. Topics include what led him to become an astronaut and his experience in space. 19 $1.90


This chapter discusses the impact of the Challenger Disaster on Canadian astronauts. The author goes on to discuss the role played by Canadians in the construction of the International Space … 25 $2.50


This chapter provides a biography of Julie Payette, the first female Canadian astronaut. Topics discussed in this chapter include her experiences in space and a history of sexism in space exploration. 22 $2.20


This chapter provides a biography of Chris Hadfield, the most experienced Canadian astronaut. Additional topics include the installation of Canadarm2 on the International Space Station and the … 28 $2.80


This chapter discusses the experiences of Canadians conducting research on the International Space Station. Topics include how different countries cooperate on research conducted on the space station. 21 $2.10


This chapter discusses the experiences of some of the most recent Canadian astronauts to visit the space station. 24 $2.40


This chapter explores the future of Canadian space exploration, the challenges that will be faced and the potential for future discoveries and missions 21 $2.10


Epilogue 13 $1.30