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Casa Loma

Canada'’s Fairy-Tale Castle and Its Owner, Sir Henry Pellatt

In this fifth edition, with new photography showing Casa Loma in its newly restored state, Bill Freeman takes readers on a tour of every significant room in this dramatic hillside castle, including the towers, the gardens, the tunnel to the stables, the greenhouses and the garage.

He also tells the fascinating and tragic story of the man who built the castle, and who ultimately lost it. Born in 1859, Henry Pellatt was an accomplished athlete as a young man who broke the world record for the mile in 1879. He was an entrepreneur who was adept in the worlds of finance and industry. He was a keen royalist and military enthusiast. Above all, Pellatt was a romantic whose interest in architecture inspired the medieval-style castle that is now a Toronto landmark.

Casa Loma took three hundred workers three years to build at a cost of $43.5 million. Completed in 1914, the castle was enjoyed by the Pellatts for only ten years before bankruptcy forced the family to sell it. Today, Casa Loma is owned by the City of Toronto and managed by the Liberty Entertainment Group. It is one of the city’s most popular attractions.


Bill Freeman

BILL FREEMAN is a historian, novelist and freelance writer. He is co-author of Their Town and the author of A Magical Place: Toronto Island and Its People and 1005: Political Life in a Union Local. He is also a respected children�s author whose publications have earned him various accolades.;

Vincenzo Pietropaolo

VINCENZO PIETROPAOLO is a well-known Toronto photographer whose work is in many collections, including the Art Gallery of Ontario.

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- ; 3 $0.30


A walking tour of the castle and grounds ; 49 $4.90


1859 – 1889. Looks at Henry Mill Pellatt and recounts his early toronto days, young man in a hurry, Rifleman Pellatt, Pellatt the Plunger ; 7 $0.70


1880 – 1910. Looks at Pellatt as a finance capitalist, electric power for the people and his road from prosperity to wealth ; 7 $0.70


1895 – 1910. The social life, Pellatt as a colonel, to aldershot for the empire ; 7 $0.70


1905 – 1914. The design and build of the castle ; 8 $0.80


1910 – 1926. The downfall of Casa Loma and the descent into fading ; 8 $0.80


1925 – 1940. The new life of the castle as an apartment-hotel, Kiwanis, and funeral march ; 6 $0.60


The castle today ; 3 $0.30