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Making Sense of Canadian Media in the Digital Age

Canada’s creative industries encompass book, periodical, and newspaper publishing; radio and television broadcasting; the music industry; video game production; filmmaking and video production; telecommunications; and the new media. These industries represent a major sector in the Canadian economy and exert a profound influence on many aspects of Canadian life.

In Cultural, thirteen contributors take a thought-provoking look at the industries that form this important sector and the central issues that are currently under debate. They also discuss how these industries have adapted to the rise of new digital technologies that have radically altered how they engage with their audiences and how they produce and distribute content.

Offering a timely analysis and a wealth of current data, Cultural offers a unique portrait of this key sector of the economy.


Ira Wagman

IRA WAGMAN is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Carleton University. He has published research in the areas of cultural policy and media history

Peter Urquhart

PETER URQUHART is an Assistant Professor in the Communication Studies Department at Wilfrid Laurier University. His research focuses on media history with a special interest in film and television studies.

Chapter Title Abstract Contributors Pages Year Price


Looks at the term mass media and how it does not fit in a Canadian Context, defines cultural industry for the purpose of this book, emphasis on methodology, the changing landscape of cultural … ; ; 8 $0.80


In Peter Urquhart’s chapter on film and television, he argues that the lens through which one examines the relative success or failure of these industries directly affects the conclusions … 16 $1.60


The interrelationship between radio and sound recording is the overarching theme in Richard Sutherland’s article. 20 $2.00


In Chris Dornan’s chapter on newspapers and magazines, the changing nature of the audience and technologies serves as the focus 24 $2.40


Greig de Peuter’s chapter draws attention not only to a new and important area of the cultural industries, that of video game production, but also to new kinds of working conditions facing … 17 $1.70


In Jeff Boggs’s article on book publishing the changing nature of the audience and technologies serves as the focus 16 $1.60


Daniel Paré reminds us of the fact that all the content discussed in the previous chapters must now be distributed through an elaborate telecommunications system, and how much old companies … 19 $1.90


Zoë Druick reminds readers that what we call “the cultural industries” has changed over time. How we define something determines not only what we want to study, an … 16 $1.60


Dwayne Winseck takes a personal view, showing the complex and contradictory forms of knowledge used to make sense of one of the more complicated issues in political economic studies of the media, … 19 $1.90


Jeremy Shtern argues that in Canada many people practise “policy analysis,” but few have ever thought of this form of analysis as a methodological approach, one driven by certain … 17 $1.70


Olivier Côté draws attention to English–French tensions in cultural production in Canada and demonstrates the insights provided by using a “production studies” approach. 19 $1.90


Mark Hayward’s institutional history of multicultural television draws attention to the largely forgotten history of multicultural media in this country and to the tendency to study the … 16 $1.60


in Sandra Gabriele and Paul Moore’s chapter, the question is about how old and new media interact. While their example is drawn from the arrival of radio into the newspaper business, it … ; 19 $1.90