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Deliberative Democracy and the People: The Australian Experience

From: From Subjects to Citizens


This paper will explore the notion of the people and their manifestations in the evolving deliberative democracy. While this topic can be explored from any number of avenues, the approach of this paper is limited to a constitutional focus. The constitution provides the underpinnings for acts done in the name of the people.



John M. Williams

John M. Williams is a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Adelaide (Australia). He has degrees from the University of New South Wales, the University of Tasmania and the Australian National University. His main areas of research are constitutional law, human rights and Australian legal history. He is co-editor of two journals: The New Federalist and The Australian Journal of Legal History, His most recent publications include Makers of Miracles: The Cast of the Federal Story (2000) and Manning Clark's Ideal of de Tocqueville (with Dymphna Clark and David Headon, 2000).