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From: Mad Hope


Frogs:A high school biology teacher must help one of his younger students to get an abortion. As the story unfolds, he remembers his own experiences dealing with the abortion ban as a Doctor in Romania under the totalitarian Ceauşescu government, and his own daughter’s anti-establishment anger, and her father’s past.

No One Else Really Wants to Listen:Written in the style of posts on a public forum for new and expecting mothers, a group of women discuss pregnancy and abortion, following an initial post by a user concerned about unusual bleeding during her pregnancy.

Drowning Doesn’t Really Look Like Drowning: A mother of three children must bring her son to the hospital in an emergency as his breathing becomes dangerously restricted while at the swimming pool. Simultaneously, she remembers witnessing her mother’s death by drowning after a small aircraft crashes into Lake Superior.

Impossible to Die in Your Dreams:Told in alternating sections of first-person and third-person narrative, three family members reminisce while navigating relationships at a wedding reception.



Heather Birrell

Heather Birrell is the author of two short story collections: Mad Hope (Coach House Books, 2012) and I know you are but what am I? (Coach House Books, 2004). Her stories have been shortlisted for both the Western and National Magazine Awards and have appeared in numerous Canadian literary journals. A frequent book reviewer and winner of the Journey Prize, she also works as a high school teacher and a creative writing instructor.