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Imagining Nighttime Detroit


From: Borders, Culture, and Globalization


In this essay, Darroch reflects upon the border cities of Detroit, Michigan, and Windsor, Ontario, which lend themselves to studying urban nighttime as both practiced and imagined across the US-Canada border.



Michael Darroch

Dr. Michael Darroch is Associate Dean, Academic and Associate Professor of Cinema & Media Arts, York University. He previously served as Associate Dean, Partnership Development & Interdisciplinary Studies in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences at the University of Windsor where he taught Media Arts and Culture in the School of Creative Arts. He is co-director of the research-creation hub IN/TERMINUS focused on participatory urban art interventions and exhibition curation in the Windsor-Detroit urban borderlands. His research is focused on the interdisciplinary influence of urban planning, architecture, anthropology, and borderlands cultures on the history of media studies and arts pedagogy.