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Indices of Citizenship

From: From Subjects to Citizens


There is a tension in citizenship discourse and, more to the point in daily public debate, conflict over the very meaning of the term.



David E. Smith

David E. Smith is a Professor of Political Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. He is the author of Prairie Liberalism: The Liberal Party in Saskatchewan, 1905-71 (1975); Regional Decline of a National Party: Liberals on the Prairies (1981); Jimmy Gardiner: Relentless Liberal with Norman Ward (1990); The Invisible Crown: The First Principle of Canadian Government (1995); and The Republican Option in Canada, Past and Present (1999). He edited Building a Province: A History of Saskatchewan in Documents (1992), and co-edited After Meech Lake: Lessons for the Future (1991); Drawing Boundaries: Courts, Legislatures and Electoral Values (1992), and Citizenship, Diversity and Pluralism (1999). He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1981. In 1994-95 he was President of the Canadian Political Science Association. His current research interest is bicameralism in Canada and abroad.