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Minders, Grinders, and Robertson, 1919–38

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Discusses the firm from the years 1919-38, some of which the firm was under Alex Fasken’s leadership. Other important details of that time frame are touched upon.



C. Ian Kyer

C. Ian Kyer is a distinguished lawyer, historian, and author. For more than thirty years he practised law with the Faskens law firm, where he led the Technology and Intellectual Property Group. Ranked as one of Canada’s top 500 lawyers, he has advised both private sector parties and federal, provincial, and municipal governments on numerous projects, including public-private partnerships. He has often been praised for his even-handed approach and his ability to bring parties together. But Ian was an historian before he became a lawyer (with a PhD in Medieval ecclesiastical history), and on his retirement from the Faskens partnership, he has returned to history. He has written a history of the Faskens firm, an historical novel about Salieri and his relationship to Mozart, and numerous short biographies for the Dictionary of Canadian Biography.