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North of Superior

An Illustrated History of Northwestern Ontario

Northwestern Ontario is a little-known region that has been central to Canada’s prosperity. For many Canadians, the majestic landscape north of Lake Superior conjures up images of tourism, bears, and canoes. For others, it conjures up the phrase "hewers of wood and drawers of water." For almost everyone but its inhabitants, it represents a mythical notion of Canada that never truly existed in the past and certainly does not exist today.

In North of Superior, Michel Beaulieu and Chris Southcott explore the region’s colourful history from the period before European contact through to the present. Along the way, they tell the stories of the native peoples who first lived there; the traders and adventurers who shaped the region through the Hudson’s Bay Company and the North West Company; the politicians and workers who pushed through the CPR; the lumberjacks and miners who profited during the region’s golden age; and the vibrant and diverse communities who make their home there today.

Northwestern Ontario has always symbolized wealth and adventure for Canadians. This fascinating popular history will interest anyone who wants to know more about a region that occupies an iconic place in Canada’s past.


Michel S. Beaulieu

MICHEL S. BEAULIEU is Assistant Professor and Northern Ontario specialist in the Department of History at Lakehead University

Chris Southcott

CHRIS SOUTHCOTT is Professor of Sociology at Lakehead University and a Research Associate at Yukon College.

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Outlines the exact area of Northwestern Ontario, explains how this book bridges a gap in history of this reason giving an accessible overview of the region for the first time, explains the three … ; 8 $0.80


Looks at the Aboriginal cultures that flourished in this region before the arrival of Europeans. Breaks down the extended history into The Paleo-Americans, The Shield Archaic Peoples, The … ; 12 $1.20


Looks at how the relationship between the Aboriginal Peoples and the fur trading Europeans Developed. Outlines that it went from one of European dependence on Aboriginal knowledge and skills to … ; 20 $2.00


Looks at the transformation of Northwestern Ontario during this time from a fur-trade hinterland to one whose primary purpose was to serve the industrial needs of the south. Analyzes how this … ; 24 $2.40


Through wheat, wood, and transportation improvements this became a region in transformation. Looks at the natural resources of the area and gold fever, pulp paper and electrical power, the cost … ; 22 $2.20


New Ontario (as the region was called during this period) was treated as a colony by the imperial government seated in Toronto; however, this vast region, nearly three-quarters of the entire … ; 18 $1.80


Most historians agree that the end of the Second World War ushered in a new era in Canada. The economic and social upheaval that had dominated the 1930s became a thing of the past, and the 1950s … ; 16 $1.60


Looks at the change in perception in the late 1980s to a worry of jobs leaving the region. Analyzes the decline of industrialism, post-industrial changes and the rise of Aboriginal Influence. ; 8 $0.80