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A Canadian Phenomenon That Illustrates the Temporal Dimension of Border Constructs


From: Borders, Culture, and Globalization


This chapter is organized in five parts. Part I is a literature review on the notion of the border construct and its various dimensions, as well as existing literature on time-space theory. Part II explores time as a valid measurement in and addition to border construct theories. Part III explores the temporal dimension of Canada’s border construct as exemplified by the five phases of the #WelcomeRefugees plan. Part IV discusses Canada’s border construct vis-à-vis that of the United States. It also identifies areas for further study. Ultimately, this chapter seeks to add to the mounting notion in territory and territorialisation literature that the border is a fluid, living organism.



Renata Grudzien

Renata Grudzien’s passion for peoples’ freedom of mobility and movement has carried her throughout her studies. She wrote her Borders in Globalization chapter during her Territory and Territoriality course while completing her Master’s at Carleton University’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political and Health Studies from Queen’s University where she focused on political theory and border concepts. Her desire to innovate and reconceptualize global political theories was a significant inspiration for her chapter. Currently, Renata works for the federal public service and also has a variety of interests that link her passion for movement and her love of cooking.