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A Blue-Collar Legacy – for Better and for Worse


From: Shift Change


This chapter examines the dual nature of Hamilton, and poses key questions about the city. Can history be the basis for a roadmap forward? Are there unique aspects of Hamilton’s past that can help it avoid the worst aspects of gentrification that sullied other post-industrial landscapes? What sort of entrenched characteristics are best left behind? What kinds of dreams stand a good chance of taking root in the local soil?



Stephen Dale

Stephen Dale is the author of four previous non-fiction books exploring issues ranging from the rise of the media-based environmental politics of Greenpeace; the impacts of suburban culture on politics in Canada and the United States; and the role of youth-focused propaganda in creating support for the bloodbath that was the First World War. He's been a freelance contributor to leading Canadian and international publications, was Canadian correspondent for InterPress Service news agency, and has created numerous radio documentaries for the CBC. He lives in Ottawa, Ontario.