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A Breakthrough in the B.C. Courts — 2012

From: The Right to Die


By 2011 the public interest in a change in the law on assisted suicide again started to gain momentum. Parole Board slights to Robert Latimer continued to gain public attention. The experience of other countries revealed as groundless the fear that anything less than a prohibition of assistance in death would land us on a slippery slope to abusive treatment of the vulnerable in society. Justice Sopinka’s interpretation of the Charter, in the Rodriguez case, fell further out of step with recent legal decisions. Other cases of assisted death further raised public concern.



Gary Bauslaugh

GARY BAUSLAUGH is the author of The Secret Power of Juries and Robert Latimer: A Story of Justice and Mercy. His writing has appeared in many publications and he has served as the president of the Humanist Association of Canada and editor of Humanist Perspectives. Gary, who holds a PhD in chemistry from McGill University, was a teacher and administrator in Canadian colleges and universities for many years. He lives in Victoria, B.C.