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A Portrait of Contemporary Neoliberalism

The Rise and Economic Consequences of the One per Cent


From: The Socialist Register 2022


Simon Mohun examines the massive growth of inequalities in income and wealth, which is perhaps the most commonly agreed-upon cause of polarization across the world today. Mohun argues that most significant structure that allows and encourages this growth has been the structure and dynamic of neoliberalism, which has allowed the the large and sustained increase in income and wealth amongst the richest One Per Cent. Mohun draws the blunt conclusion that the ‘divergence between social interest and individual profitability has never been as great as it is today’. Mohun focuses on topics such as neoliberal politics, globalization, financialization, privatization, inequality, privatization, climate change, and radical state action to fix this issue.



Simon Mohun

Simon Mohun is Professor Emeritus of Political Economy at Queen Mary, University in London.