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The Process of Reform

Real Change?


From: The Next Generation of Impact Assessment


This chapter describe the processes leading to the enactment of the IAA, and also also traces the fate of three substantive areas of possible reform through the legislative process. The chapter describes the major stages of the process that were transparent to the public: an Expert Panel process, a government discussion paper responding to the Panel’s report, the tabling of a draft bill, and its consideration in both houses of Parliament.



Hugh J. Benevides

Hugh Benevides has degrees in geography (Carleton) and law (Dalhousie) and is called to the bars of Ontario and Nova Scotia. He has worked as legislative assistant in the House of Commons, as counsel to the Canadian Environmental Law Association and East Coast Environmental Law, and as Canadian legal officer at the Secretariat of the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation. He was strategic advisor to leading public interest groups in their federal law reform efforts from 2017 to 2020 and was an alternate delegate, and later, a delegate to the Multi-Interest Advisory Committee from 2016 to 2019. His main research interests concern Canada’s political economy and its implications for environmental law and policy.