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Borders, Culture, and Globalization

Some Conclusions, More Uncertainties, and Many Challenges


From: Borders, Culture, and Globalization


The concluding chapter synthesizes the volume’s broader contributions and discusses the implications of the work undertaken. It begins by considering how the volume contributes to a new paradigm for understanding the relationship between borders and culture. This is followed by a discussion of how this new paradigm helps us to understand the relationship between borders, culture, and power. Finally, the chapter concludes by considering the policy implications stemming from this work.



Melissa Kelly and Victor Konrad

Melissa Kelly holds a PhD in Social and Economic Geography from Uppsala University. Her doctoral dissertation investigated the economic, social, and cultural factors influencing the onward migration of refugees from Sweden to third countries. She focused specifically on Iranian-born individuals who spent several years in Sweden before subsequently moving on to other parts of the Iranian diaspora. Following the completion of her PhD, Melissa was awarded a Freestanding Postdoctoral Fellowship by the National Research Foundation of South Africa. She carried out a study on the everyday experiences and multiscalar belonging of cross-border migrants living and working in the city of Bloemfontein, South Africa. Following this, she became a postdoctoral fellow with the Borders in Globalization Project at Carleton University. Her research focused on seasonal retirement migration in the North American context and its implications for regional integration. Melissa is currently a research fellow with the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration at Ryerson University. Her research interests include diversity, inclusion and community building in rural and remote areas, and regional approaches to migration governance. In addition to her academic pursuits, Melissa has contributed extensively to the development of immigration and labour market programs for the Government of Canada.