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Does the TPP Work for Workers?

From: The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Canada


Suggests that the TPP’s Labour Protection Standards are not what they claim to be and are not effectively enforceable as exemplified by opposition fron Labour Organizations.



Laura MacDonald

LAURA MACDONALD is a professor in the department of political science and the Institute of Political Economy at Carleton University. She has edited collections and published numerous articles in journals on such issues as the role of non-governmental organizations in development, global civil society, citizenship struggles in Latin America, Canadian development assistance and the political impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on human rights and democracy across the continent.

Angella MacEwen

ANGELLA MacEWAN is an economist with the Canadian Labour Congress, a research associate with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and a policy fellow with the Broadbent Institute. She has an undergraduate degree in international development studies from Saint Mary's University in Halifax and a master's degree in economics from Dalhousie University. Her areas of expertise include international trade and economic development, labour market issues and social policy analysis.