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Fairy Tales of Two Cities:

or Queer Nation(s)-National Cinema(s)

From: In a Queer Country


Thomas Waugh’s "Fairy Tales of Two Cities: Queer Nation(s)-National Cinema(s)" considers examples from a past when Canadian cinema in general was defining itself, in response to burgeoning nationalism in both English Canada and Quebec. Waugh examines a paradigm of four films, two from the sixties, two from the seventies, two from Quebec, two from Ontario, two with main stream success, two little-known. Waugh suggests a few generalizations that might be made from this complex plot with four characters.



Thomas Waugh

Thomas Waugh has been teaching film studies at Concordia University in Montreal since 1976, and has also developed curricula on HIV/AIDS and in queer studies. He is the author of Hard to Imagine: Gay Male Eroticism in Photography and Film from their Beginnings to Stonewall (Columbia University Press, 1996), The Fruit Machine: Twenty Years of Writings on Queer Cinema (Duke University Press, 2000), and Outlines: 200 Underground Erotic Graphics from Before Stonewall (Arsenal Pulp Press, Forthcoming). He is also a critic, public lecturer, and festival programmer.