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Finding a Way Forward

Lessons from the Corbyn Project in the UK


From: The Socialist Register 2022


The final chapter is an interview with James Schneider conducted by Hilary Wainwright. Wainwright engages in a remarkable discussion with Schneider on the lessons he learned from his time as James Corbyn’s spokesperson and as Head of Strategic Communications for Corbyn’s office, and as the founder of the new left-wing organization Momentum. Topics include the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) and ‘parliamentarism’, amongst others. Schneider’s conclusion, to the extent one can be made at this moment in the history of the left, is that ‘we need to have a party in the Gramscian sense of the term: a political organization that stretches into society, that has real and organic links with different forms of ongoing struggle – trade union, environmental, feminist, anti-racist, and so on – and has some parliamentary representation and can speak in the country – it has the ability to communicate in a mass way.’



James Schneider

James Schneider is the communications director of Progressive International, co-founder of Momentum, and a former spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn.

Hilary Wainwright

Hilary Wainwright is an editor of Red Pepper magazine. She is a Fellow of the Transnational Institute, and an Honorary Associate of the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex University.