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Good Sense & Statistics at War

From: Counting Out The Scholars


Outlines seven extended arguments about Pis: [1] Can Pis help build public post-secondary education? [2] Could and should Pis help make post-secondary education more "nimble" and "flexible" in face of market demand? [3] Are benchmarks a way to assure quality education, or just a way to make it cheap, technically proficient, and materially productive? [4] Are Pis a way of making post-secondary education more completely accountable, and if so, accountable to whom? [5] Do Pis satisfy Canadians’ need to know in detail what is happening in Canadian public post-secondary education? [6] How do Pis contribute to the larger phenomenon of "managerialism" ? [7] Must Pis always serve to justify (or to hide) cuts and cost-cutting? What does this mean for the quality of higher education wherever Pis become popular?



William Bruneau

WILLIAM BRUNEAU teaches in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia. He is a specialist in university history and post-Confederation Canada

Donald C. Savage

DONALD C. SAVAGE is a consultant in higher education, Former Executive Director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers and an adjunct professor of history at Concordia University in Montreal.