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Got AIDS Yet?


From: Between Certain Death and a Possible Future


In this essay, the author recounts seeing bathroom graffiti reading "Got AIDS Yet?" at age 8 or 9, and feeling frozen in terror. He grew up with a deep fear of sex that was only mitigated by PrEP medication.



Aaron Nielson

Aaron Nielsen’s fiction has appeared in SCAB, Mythym, Userlands: New Fiction Writers from the Blogging Underground (edited by Dennis Cooper), Instant City, Fresh Men 2: New Voices in Gay Fiction, and Mirage #4 Period(ical) (edited by Dodie Bellamy and the late Kevin Killian). Aaron has been featured on KQED’s podcast The Writers’ Block, and he was the editor of the short-lived but critically acclaimed zine Jouissance. Additionally, Aaron has reviewed books for Fanzine and Maximumrocknroll. He holds a bachelor’s in English literature and a master’s of fine arts in creative writing, both awarded by San Francisco State University. He lives in San Francisco.