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Hips Don’t Lie

Chapter 4


From: Decolonize Hipsters


In Hips Don’t Lie, Pierrot reflects on the present state of hipsterdom after the Black Lives Matter movement. Pierrot provides a call to action which must reflect on and move away from hipster cult of individuality and mass movement of depoliticization, which has made room for the growing fascism of our present. Instead, he argues, we must work towards collective and mass action, as it is only through acknowledging our collective role and future that we can provide meaningful resistance to the challenges of the twenty first century by decolonizing hipsters and joining the fight against oppression, racism, and capitalism.



Grégory Pierrot

Grégory Pierrot is a professor at the University of Connecticut at Stamford. He is the author of The Black Avenger in Atlantic Culture, co-editor of An Anthology of Haitian Revolutionary Fictions, and co-host of the Decolonize That! webcast series.