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How to Increase a Sense of Safety for Women and Other People with Marginalized Genders Whom You Encounter in Daily Life


From: Special Topics in Being a Human




S. Bear Bergman

S. Bear Bergman is a writer, storyteller, activist, and the founder and publisher of Flamingo Rampant, which makes feminist, culturally diverse children’s picture books about LGBT2Q+ kids and families. He writes creative nonfiction for grown-ups, fiction for children, resolutely factual features for various publications, and the advice column “Asking Bear.” His books include The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You and Blood, Marriage, Wine & Glitter, and he was the coeditor with Kate Bornstein of Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation.

Saul (Illus.) Freedman-Lawson

Saul Freedman-Lawson makes art about queerness, transness, Judaism, and childhood. They like to draw people with big noses and big genders. Special Topics in Being a Human is their first full-length book.