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Jesus don’t work for anyone

From: Gang Life


tells the story of thirty-three-year-old Terrence,

a mixed race “independent enforcer” who found the Lord just

in time for a parole hearing. Terrence has a rather large ego and

he leaves us with the impression that he thinks he may be Jesus.

Terrence lets us in on the world of gang “contractors” — those

who refuse to join gangs but contract out their services to many

different gangs. Often in steroid-fuelled rages, his violence is extreme — both against others and himself. As a youngster, professionals

gave up on him, but his parents never stopped trying

to get him help. He has a young son and is struggling to overcome

his addiction to crack.



Mark Totten

MARK TOTTEN is a professor of criminal justice at Humber College in Toronto whose research focuses on organized crime, corrections, sexual exploitation, human trafficking, mental health, violence, and gender identity. Over the past decade, he has collaborated with groups in Ontario and Western Canada in the development and evaluation of multi-year gang prevention, intervention, and suppression strategies.