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Market Polarization Means Political Polarization

Liberal Democracy's Eroding Centre


From: The Socialist Register 2022


Ingar Solty examines the social polarizations resulting from the market processes set in motion by neoliberalism, which bring with them a political polarization in the form of fissures in the party systems of liberal democracies, allowing new political space for the far right to occupy and permitting varied forms of authoritarian nationalism to take hold. After analyzing the dynamics of this political polarization, Solty concludes with the gravest of warnings that unless a new organized working-class politics emerges, current political forces ‘are bound to move the world further and further down the slippery slope of liberalism into fascism’. Solty focuses on topics such as transnational economy, political liberalism and political polarization, authoritarian political, administrative, and constitutional practices.



Ingar Solty

Ingar Solty is Senior Research Fellow in Foreign, Peace and Security Policy at the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation’s Institute for Critical Social Analysis in Berlin.