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On Second Thoughts

From: Language Testing Reconsidered


An elderly student of language testing recalls some of the events in his career, attempting to relate them to current issues, and touching on such topics as overall language proficiency, the cloze and the noise test, the social responsibility of language testers, the development of industrial language testing, the danger of scales, and the value of knowing the history of one’s field.



Bernard Spolsky

Bernard Spolsky was born in New Zealand. He studied there and in Canada, and has taught in New Zealand, Australia, England, the United States and Israel. He retired as professor emeritus in 2000, and since then has continued writing and lecturing, mainly on language policy. His book Language Policy was published in 2004, and he is currently writing a book on language management and editing the Blackwell Handbook of Educational Linguistics. He received the ILTA-UCLES Award for Lifetime Achievement in Language Testing and has been elected an honorary member of the Japan Language Testing Association.