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Reconciliation in the Future


From: Reconciliation and Indigenous Justice


The conclusion focuses on the future direction and mission of reconciliation. The chapter focuses on the push towards a genuine partnership with Indigenous communities and the Canadian state. The chapter discusses what is still to be done and argues for the necessity of a push for a more comprehensive set of initiatives on behalf of the Canadian state and people to change and overhaul criminal justice for Indigenous peoples. Current policies presently fall well short of what can be considered true reconciliation; we need to move beyond token gestures for real change. Maintaining the status quo will not only entail grave repercussions for Indigenous Peoples, but for the rest of Canada as well.



David Milward

David Milward is an associate professor of law with the University of Victoria and a member of the Beardy’s & Okemasis First Nation of Duck Lake, Saskatchewan. He assisted the Truth and Reconciliation Commission with the authoring of its final report on Indigenous justice issues and is the author of Aboriginal Justice and the Charter: Realizing a Culturally Sensitive Interpretation of Legal Rights, which was joint winner of the K.D. Srivastava Prize for Excellence in Scholarly Publishing and was short-listed for the Canadian Law & Society Association Book Prize. He also co-authored The Art of Science in the Canadian Justice: A Reflection on My Experiences as an Expert Witness. Dr. Milward is the author of numerous articles on Indigenous justice in leading national and international law journals.