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Samuel Cunard

Nova Scotia's Master of the North Atlantic

An illustrated biography of a Canadian who sparked a world transportation revolution

In North America, the name Cunard is synonymous with shipping. This book traces the entrepreneurial rise of Samuel Cunard who, for decades, ruled a shipping empire on the North Atlantic.

By the time Cunard died in 1865, he had witnessed the emergence of steamships, developed trade links with China and helped establish the Quebec and Halifax Steam Navigation Company. He was a director of the Bank of British North America and bought huge tracts of land in PEI. He won the transatlantic mail service contract between Britain and North America, and built several of the most luxurious steamships of the day. His ships helped Britain in the Crimean War and he became Sir Samuel Cunard for his support of the war effort. The Cunard line which he founded was long a major force in the development of international travel.

This book combines the Cunard story with 150+ colour and black and white visuals covering Cunard’s life and the subsequent history of his company. A fascinating and readable account of the brilliance and determination of one man who played an innovative role in world transportation history.


John Boileau

JOHN BOILEAU is a retired Canadian army colonel and author of ten books and nearly 300 articles. He is a frequent commentator on military issues for radio and television and a lecturer to service organizations and historical societies. In 2010 the Minister of National Defence appointed him Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel of the Halifax Rifles. He lives in Nova Scotia.

Chapter Title Abstract Contributors Pages Year Price


Explains the importance of Samuel Cunard in giving a major push to the use of steamships and the paradigm shift of the first use of regularized transportation and communication by steamship … 5 $0.50


Examines Samuel Cunard’s family roots in religion and revolution, overview of his early life in Halifax 10 $1.00


1804-1812. Looks at Samuel Cunard as an entrepreneur. Also examines the war of 1812 and the city of Halifax during this time 10 $1.00


Early 1800s. Looks at Samuel Cunard as he expands his enterprises into whaleing and timber and events that transpired to challenge these ventures. Also looks at artic expeditions 10 $1.00


Looks at Samuel Cunard’s venture into the tea trade, the establishment of the Halifax Whaling Company, his competitor Enos Collins, his friend Joseph Howe, and the creation of canal systems … 12 $1.20


1820-1840. Examines Samuel Cunard’s far reaching business holdings and how they made him an elite person in Halifax. His political experiences are highlights as well as the building for the … 14 $1.40


1835-1840. Looks at designing steamships for tranoceanic travel, looks at bids for steam ship companies involvment in the British mail service which Samuel Cunard went after as well as his competitors 10 $1.00


1838-1840. Examines the professional relationship between Samuel Cunard and Robert Napier. Looks at building ships to combat the challenges of the North Atlantic 12 $1.20


1841-1853. Examines Samuel Cunard’s financial difficulties with his other enterprises, the steamship competition that sprung up, the fact that Boston was surpassing Halifax in terms of … 16 $1.60


1854-1868. Disaster strikes the Collins Line in the form of ship sinking, Samuel Cunard capitalizes on this disaster also examines the successes of other shipping lines and how they prospered … 14 $1.40


1868-2006. Traces the legacy of Samuel Cunard and his shipping line from his death to 2006. 14 $1.40