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Sight and Site on the Line

The Cultural Imaginary of Borderlands in North America


From: Borders, Culture, and Globalization


This chapter considers contemporary art and media projects located in North American border regions in the last decade and their role as critical practices and forms of

translocal resistance against the tide of separation and securitization that has governed borders since 2001.



Lee Rodney

Lee Rodney is Associate Professor in Media Arts and Cultures at the University of Windsor. An interdisciplinary writer/curator/media artist, she has written on contemporary art and media culture in a range of publications. Her interest in borders began over a decade ago and has resulted in several projects and publications including Looking Beyond Borderlines: North America’s Frontier Imagination (Routledge, 2017), which addresses the mediated and shifting representation of borders in North America since their formation in the mid-nineteenth century. Media projects include The Border Bookmobile Project (2010-2013), and Buoyant Cartographies (2018). With Dr. Michael Darroch, she co-directs the IN/TERMINUS Research Group, which recently began the four-year SSHRC-funded project Mapping, Media and Migration. She and Dr. Karen Engle co-edited “Sensing (Borders)/Ressentir (les frontières)” (Issue 34, 2019) of the online journal Intermedialites.