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Stairs and Beaverbrook

From: Merchant Princes


1902-1910 . Looks at the partnership between John F. Stairs and William Maxwell Aitken (the future Lord Beaverbrook). The establishment of the Royal Securities Corporation, John F’s untimely death in 1904 which left the company looking for strong leadership at Nova Scotia Steel, George Stairs takes over as president and a rapture occurs between him and George Stairs, George’s death in 1908 left Aitken showing his ruthlessness and led to extreme betrayal



James D. Frost

JAMES D. FROST, a specialist in marine transportation, works as a researcher and a consultant. Educated at McGill University, Queens University and Saint Mary's University he is an acknowledged authority on the business and economic history of the Maritime provinces. He is a Research Associate at Gorsebrook Research Institute. He lives in Halifax.'