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Sycophants, Citizens and the Majesty of Nature: Some Thoughts on the History of Australian Civic Debate

From: From Subjects to Citizens


Throughout the last 150 years of at times active, at times utterly uninspired civic debate, Australia has produced its fair share of sycophants determined to possess the baubles of Empire. Fortunately, such individuals have always had to contend with citizens equally determined to articulate an Australian consciousness, a distinctive set of national characteristics and styles which collectively have formed the lasting images Australia now conveys to the world.



David Headon

David Headon is Cultural Adviser to the National Capital Authority and Director of the Centre for Australian Cultural Studies (Canberra). He teaches in the School of English, University of New South Wales (Australian Defence Force Academy). His publications include: Crown or Country - The Traditions of Australian Republicanism
  • (1994), The Abundant Culture - Meaning and Significance in Everyday Australia (1995), Our First Republicans: Selected Writings of John Dunmore Lang, Charles Harpur and Daniel Henry Deniehy 1840-60 (1998) and Makers of Miracles, the Cast of the Federation Story (2000).