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The Character Study Game

From: The Power Manual


The Character Study game is from the field of theater. Actors play it to learn how to understand their character. The goal for the actor is to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Good acting requires holding three goals simultaneously: getting and staying in touch with the feelings in the moment, being willing to take risks, and pursuing an underlying objective using as many tactics as possible or necessary. The purpose of this game is to understand the relationships between the signs of patterns of domination.


Cyndi Suarez

Cyndi Suarez works with leaders in nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, and social movements, including most recently the Movement for Black Lives. She helps social change leaders move from struggle to flow by helping them build elegant ideas and structures. She has a MS in Nonprofit Management from Southern New Hampshire University, and studied Feminist Theory at the New School for Social Research. Suarez is Senior Editor at Nonprofit Quarterly, the leading nonprofit journal. She lives in Boston, MA.