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The Last Act;

Losing Pat

From: Pilgrim Souls


Talks about the process of losing Pat as Dementia took more of a hold on her, Discusses the Barrier (the point of physically and emotionallty exhaustion for caregivers),



Jim Lotz

Jim Lotz has had a diverse life as a scholar, researcher, writer and editor. Born in Liverpool, he served in the Royal Air Force before attending Manchester University where he graduated in geography. He immigated to Canada in 1954 and worked in the Far North as a researcher. In 1960 he married Pat, also a British immigrant, and he became a professor and researcher specializing in community development. He and his family moved to Halifax in 1973 where they have lived ever since. As well as writing 28 books on a variety of subjects, Jim's journalism has appeared far and wide. In 2012 he was awarded an honourary doctorate by Saint Mary's University, Halifax