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The Second Period of Evolution,


From: Understanding Charter Damages


Review of 50 Charter damages cases decided between 1995 and 2010, including comparison and contrast with results of cases decided before 1995.



W.H. Charles

Professor W.H. Charles received his LLM from Harvard University and Michigan Law School. In 1983, he was appointed as a Queen’s Counsel, and in 2001 he received his LLD (Hon) from Dalhousie University. After teaching at Dalhousie Law School for over thirty years, he became Dean of the Faculty of Law. After retiring from teaching full-time, he was appointed as professor emeritus at the Dalhousie Law School. Professor Charles has written several books and articles, particularly with reference to personal injury damages. He has held numerous prestigious positions on various commissions and boards, including serving as president of the Law Reform Commission of Nova Scotia and chair of the Nova Scotia Environmental Assessment Board.