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The Tyranny of the “Tragedy” Myth

From: Think Like a Commoner


For at least a generation, the very idea of the commons has been marginalized and dismissed as a misguided way to manage esources: the so-called tragedy of the commons. Over the past several decades, the tragedy of the commons has taken root as an economic truism. The commons = chaos, ruin and failure.


David Bollier

David Bollier is an author, activist, blogger and independent scholar who has studied the commons as a transformative paradigm for fifteen years. He is co-founder of the Commons Strategies Group, co-director of the Commons Law Project, and a frequent speaker and strategy advisor. Bollier is an author and editor of six books on different aspects of the commons, including Green Governance, The Wealth of the Commons and Viral Spiral. He blogs at and lives in Amherst, Massachusetts.