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The World After Covid

The Munk Dialogues on a Pandemic


From the world-renowned Munk Debates comes a collection of dialogues by leading intellectuals envisioning our post-pandemic future. During this time of social distancing, the acclaimed Munk Debates series have been reimagined into a series of dialogues by leading intellectuals who examine the geopolitical, economic, technological, and historical angles of this unprecedented new era. How will the world look after COVID-19? What is the future for the international economy and institutions? Will the global balance of power shift? Can technology save us? These are the questions that have occupied the best minds since the beginning of the pandemic. In a series of one-on-one conversations with moderator Rudyard Griffiths, renowned author Malcolm Gladwell, journalist Fareed Zakaria, and New York Times columnist David Brooks, along with six other thinkers, dissect what brought us here and what comes next. The first series of the Munk Dialogues were held between April 9 and June 10, 2020, and as such the information in this book reflects what was known at the time of the conversations. Please Note: A collection can contain up to 30% of the chapters from this title


Rudyard Griffiths

Rudyard Griffiths is the chair of the Munk Debates and president of the Aurea Charitable Foundation. In 2006 he was named one of Canada’s “Top 40 under 40” by the Globe and Mail. He is the editor of thirteen books on history, politics, and international affairs, including Who We Are: A Citizen’s Manifesto, which was a Globe and Mail Best Book of 2009 and a finalist for the Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing. He lives in Toronto with his wife and two children.

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Malcolm Gladwell and Rudyard Griffiths discuss Covid-19 and America’s response to it. Topics include social inequality, health care, ethics, human social behaviours, climate change, and … 11 $1.10


Fareed Zakara and Rudyard Griffiths discuss Covid-19 and its global impacts. Topics include the world’s transition into a post-American world and China’s current power and influence, … 13 $1.30


Mohamed El-Erian and Rudyard Griffiths discuss Covid-19 and its impact on the global economy. Topics include global economy, responses to and management of the Covid crisis, entanglement of the … 13 $1.30


Samantha Power and Rudyard Griffiths discuss Covid-19 and international affairs and global politics. Topics include global social and economics inequalities, different countries’ responses … 11 $1.10


Niall Ferguson and Rudyard Griffiths discuss history and possible political, social, economic, and cultural consequences of the pandemic. Topics include historical precedence, public response, … 14 $1.40


Kara Swisher and Rudyard Griffiths discuss Covid-19 and the role of big tech Silicon Valley in our society. Topics include the growing impact of technology on every aspect of our world, state … 11 $1.10


David Brooks and Rudyard Griffiths discuss Covid-19 and American political thinking. Topics include the lasting impacts of the pandemic on politics and specifically on attitudes toward … 9 $0.90


Ian Bremmer and Rudyard Griffiths discuss Covid-19 and Black American experiences, future international impacts of the pandemic, technology and authoritarianism, economic futures, globalization, … 11 $1.10


Victor Gao and Rudyard Griffiths discuss the effects of Covid on China, rising global tensions, his advice for Canada, and Chinese politics, economy, and reforms. 10 $1.00