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Water Use in the Home

From: Dry Run


Let’s take a look now at residential water use, something that most of us are quite familiar with. The sources of water use inside the home with almost 60 percent goes for shower, toilet and bath, our daily need for water for cleanliness. Leaks might account for as much as 12 percent of total household water consumption. Where do the leaks or non-specific uses come from? A leaky toilet, a dripping faucet, leaving the sink running while doing dishes or brushing your teeth, perhaps a drip irrigation system where some rodent has chewed a hole in the line, all contribute to household water use.


Jerry Yudelson

Jerry Yudelson, PE, MS, MBA, LEED AP, is the founder of Yudelson Associates, a green building and sustainable planning consultancy based in Tucson, Arizona. He holds BS and MS degrees in civil and water resources engineering from the California Institute of Technology and Harvard University, respectively, and an MBA (with highest honors) from the University of Oregon. He is a licensed professional engineer.