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What Trade Agreements Have Meant for Canada

From: Canada after Harper


Scott Sinclair and Stuart Trew examine the many free

trade agreements our federal government has signed, finding little in them

that helps workers or consumers, but a great deal that boosts the power of

transnational corporations.



Scott Sinclair

Scott Sinclair is a senior research fellow with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, where he directs the Centre’s Trade and Investment Research Project. He has written widely on the impacts of trade treaties and public interest regulation. He was formerly a senior trade policy advisor with the government of British Columbia

Stuart Trew

Stuart Trew is the editor of the CCPA Monitor, bi-monthly journal of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. He has a BA in journalism from Carleton University and served for eight years as a researcher with the Council of Canadians and then as its Quebec/ Ontario regional organizer and trade campaigner.